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 HIstory of DIADEM!!, Yes ppl we have a history!(Outdated){Will be revising this soon]

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PostSubject: HIstory of DIADEM!!, Yes ppl we have a history!(Outdated){Will be revising this soon]   Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:54 pm

Well, I was suppose to be faction leader, i screwed up the name and ended up disbanding it >_<, well anyways a person named Crafty_Mama(DizzyBella) created one(a faction that is) cus i screwed up the name. So there were just three of us. Zoronoa, Crafty_Mama, and Diablowolf, we were in our lower lvl 20s at the time. Well anyways Zaa_Legend(Nikeeeeeee, MisterPekkle) came to join and so did DreamOFzion(Crafty_Mama's husband), and thats when we recognized ourselves as a faction. Heh, just to let you know i never did that much recruiting. It was the leader and a player named JehovahRophe who were the main recruiters, and i was only an executor at the time. Heh, hmm this was all the way back to November i think. I think we started the faction in october but i dont remember. well anyways we grew and grew, we only got to 30 members. That was our peak, and then sumthing happened. The Leader (Crafty_Mama) left and DreamOFzion became the leader. I eventually moved up from marshal to director.( some time passed when it came to this). At this time there was only 26 members(some pple left and got kicked). We kept it that way for some time, but they were all inactive and stop lvling. We didnt kick them until i reached my lvl 40s. At this time DreamOFzion kicked out ALOT of the inactive members. We were only down to i think 7 members. Well anyways we went from there. We kept it there beacuse we wanted to be higher lvl so we can help out more, and so we did. By the time i hit my higher lvl 40s we started to recruit little by little. This this was when my friennd Oddisseo came to play. He was the first active member to help(he's a very kind person). I then left the faction =0!!. But dont worry the leader told me to go into a faction named nefbustr. It is a lvl 2 faction, but it lacked organization, their plan wasnt thought out enough. Well anyways, I was there for a week to do a TW(terrirtory war), against Nefarious, At this time i was lvl 53 when i joined. While i was out of Diadem, DreamOFzion took this time to recruit pple, this is where Elite_Spirit, Danteirs, Gaberiel, and Adaleigh were recruited. After we were destroyed by nefarious I went back to diadem as the Director. This was where we started to grow more and more. From there on Diadem turned out to what it is now. If u guys have questions pla feel free to ask me...O yea and one more thing, the reason why we have the no cursing dirty talk is to keep the faction form having any drama, drama is wat bring most factions down, and as the I mentioned the reason why we declined in the begining is because of that, so plz refrain from cursing and talking form the factiuon chat. plz Ty
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HIstory of DIADEM!!, Yes ppl we have a history!(Outdated){Will be revising this soon]
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