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 FBS: Post your Fb related issues here

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FBS: Post your Fb related issues here Empty
PostSubject: FBS: Post your Fb related issues here   FBS: Post your Fb related issues here EmptyWed Apr 15, 2009 11:11 am

EX: Name, lvl, which Fb you need, and the best available time you are able to do your Fb, as well as the quests that you have for you Fbs.

Lvl:41 Need Fb39
EST 4pm-6pm
3sub quests(mobs)

*After this one of the Marshalls or Execs will pm you in game about your FB. (When one is available)
*BTW Tab holders keep drops (for Diadem members) other FBs unrelated to Diadem are not required to give tab holder drops UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE.

*If your FB requires u have wine please pm me in game DizzyBella or Crafty_Mama<--this is my alt and i will provide the wine for your fb all i require is that you pay only 100k for both wines [not 100k each], its better than paying 200k+ each wine. And the price is the same for all wines 59+. Be sure to let me know which wine you need.


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FBS: Post your Fb related issues here 46001540
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FBS: Post your Fb related issues here
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