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 Help with Bosses

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PostSubject: Help with Bosses   Help with Bosses EmptyWed Apr 15, 2009 11:21 am

In this section please state the bosses that you need as well as the time you are available to play( don't forget to post your time zone)

EX:DizzyBella Lvl41
Haggist Geezlot
EST 4pm-6pm

*After you have posted one of the Marshalls or Execs that are available will pm you in game about your boss. (it will not be emediatly that they will pm you so please be patient.)

(you do not have to post boss here if yoiu do not want to, feel free to ask faction chat, its just for the sake of organization and so that the leaders of the faction do not look over you.)

Thank you :lol!:

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Help with Bosses
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