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 Rules and Regulations!

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Rules and Regulations! Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Regulations!   Rules and Regulations! EmptySun Feb 08, 2009 8:18 pm

OK guys, Here are the rules for the Faction:

1.No CURSING in the Faction Chat
2.People who are able to recruit must recruit level 19+ only( unless you talk to leader first)
3.Don't start DRAMA in the faction chat
4.Be NICE to other players and try to be helpful
5. Final rule is have fun and be a blessing to others. =)

Rules and Requirements for recruiting!

requirements for the candidates:
1. They MUST be ACTIVE
3. They MUST use appropriate language
4. They MUST be KIND to other member to other players even though they are not part of the faction!
5. Last of all the they must have fun and don't take this game personally, and be a blessing to others.
6. They MUST be AT LEAST level 25 (With some exceptions with Officer's guidance and notice)

If the candidate falls in any of the these requirements they may be recruited, and also the number 1 and 3 is the general requirement.

(Note: Make sure to recruit people that have ALL the requirements, people who won't start any trouble and drama, and people who don't swear)

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Rules and Regulations!
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