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 World Quest!!!!!

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World Quest!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: World Quest!!!!!   World Quest!!!!! EmptyMon Apr 27, 2009 5:16 pm

World Quest is a daily that youi recieve at lvl 70. In this Daily you are required to talk to certain people (its about 30 people). I will provide you the coords for those char if you dont know where they are. This Daily cannot be found in your Quest Log but rather in your QUEST ITEMS!! in your INVENTORY!!! (press B and press Quest Item). There you should find something there that is like a Token and it will say you are suppose to talk to and where. After awhile you will get the hang of it. :D

You will get your WQ from Li Mengpai.
Li Mengpai 53,641
Tu Heng 533,645
Tailor Fang Pei 522,648
The Old Hunter 498,970
Merchant Chin 216,422
Camellia GGardner 458,593

Sometimes they switch up who you have to talk to like these down here
but i provided the coords for them all whichever one you need

Lady Lo 586,564
Hsu Hsiako 586,566
Winged Elf Tian 581,685

Back to normal
Kao the musician 621,724
Old soldier 655,856
Merchant Chen431,736
Sumor Camp Elder 335,827

Gaurd Hsiung 143,641
Blacksmith Yang 124,590

Back to normal
Talon Member Chao 285,566
Orphan Hong 434,459
Member of the talon 285,566

Apothecary Wu 667,375
Great Schalar 666,370
Master of Yin and Yang 549,377
Tough Man Teihi 547,373

Youngman Hsiao 539,416
Shop Assistant 640,564
Hsuhsien 654,550

Paichi the Painter 664,610
Foreigner 642,614
Merchant Chin Le 642,614

Now you just hav to go back and returm to Li Mengpai to end World Quest

Instead of flying all the way back to Arch. to return the quest you can fly to Thousand Streams and use the Kathru Pup and it will port you to N.Arch for free.

Mess with the best...Die with the rest
World Quest!!!!! 46001540

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World Quest!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: World Quest!!!!!   World Quest!!!!! EmptyMon Apr 27, 2009 5:23 pm

sweet ty

World Quest!!!!! ZORONOA
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World Quest!!!!!
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