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 Now your new Director(EXPIRED)

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Now your new Director(EXPIRED) Empty
PostSubject: Now your new Director(EXPIRED)   Now your new Director(EXPIRED) EmptyThu Jun 18, 2009 10:49 am

Hi everyone im here to stay so you can get rid of me that easy and just because im not the leader any more that does not mean you can listen to me any more :( j/k but since this is my second time being director I guess I'm not new to this there are some big changes comming to the faction and i hope all the officers are willing and able to be a major part of diadem history :) Zoro really earned the leadership of the faction and i belive that he will take care of you guys with the help of your trusty and ohh so awesome director :lol!: pls let me or Zoro know if we can change the faction in a more positive way thanks and keep me posted while im suffering form with withdrawall of cyberspace 🇳🇴 and i will post hopefull eveyday or as mush as posable while im at work lol Diadem Rolls Deep
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Now your new Director(EXPIRED)
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