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 WTB: shards and ult subs (EXPIRED)

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WTB: shards and ult subs (EXPIRED) Empty
PostSubject: WTB: shards and ult subs (EXPIRED)   WTB: shards and ult subs (EXPIRED) EmptyFri Jun 19, 2009 10:46 am

ehh, ummm here are the foling things i want to buy

8 beautifuls garnet shards
9 ult subs
make that 2 ult subs

if you have em please post prices for each, (Note: not the richest guy in the world, so please keep prices reason able :bounce: ) ok got all my subs courtesy of heart =( we'll miss u very much heart 🇳🇴

WTB: shards and ult subs (EXPIRED) ZORONOA
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WTB: shards and ult subs (EXPIRED)
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