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 Message from Zoronoa (Leaving Statement)

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PostSubject: Message from Zoronoa (Leaving Statement)   Fri Dec 25, 2009 11:51 am

Well guys it's been a fun year,..well a great year in fact with you guys. It was nice meeting such nice good people in Perfect World International. You guys were my only reason why i logged on everyday (got bored of questing a long time ago). We had laughs, jokes, and cookies (cookies courtesy of Lilywind). I'm glad I was in a faction with people like you, we're small but we were better off than bigger factions. Organized and always ready to help others.
Well as for me this is good bye,.. We've had many achievements that we've done as a faction and i hope those achievements grows. I would like to both thank you guys for allowing me to be your leader/director, and apologizing for not being the best leader ( I tried btw, and tried hard),

Thank you guys again, and you guys be safe, and make sure you have fun =). ( Isn't it why we play PWI anyways? =D)

I will MISS you all,.....

[ Though I won't be in game I'll be checking our forum from time to time] Victory See-ya

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PostSubject: Re: Message from Zoronoa (Leaving Statement)   Sun Dec 27, 2009 2:51 am

woah woah zoro what u leaving for man?
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Message from Zoronoa (Leaving Statement)
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